Short-term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability provides income replacement benefits when an injury, sickness, or pregnancy results in your continuous disability for up to 180 days. It is an optional product offered by the University and provided by Life Insurance Company of North America, a Cigna company.

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Eligibility and Enrollment

As a newly eligible employee, you may enroll online in MyU within 30 days of employment without providing medical evidence of insurability. Your coverage will become effective the first day of the month following your first day of employment. That means that if you start on April 10, your coverage will begin on May 1, for example.

During the annual Open Enrollment in November, you may increase your existing short-term disability monthly coverage by up to $200 without evidence of insurability, but not to exceed 66-2/3 % of your salary. Your new coverage will be effective on January 1 of the new plan year.


Coverage Benefits

Benefits are paid from the first day of a disability due to an accident, or the eighth day of a disability due to sickness or pregnancy, if your claim is approved. The maximum duration of benefits for a disability is 26 weeks.

You may elect an amount to replace up to 66-2/3% of your salary, in increments of $100, but no more than $5,000 per month. You pay 100% of the cost of the coverage. Because you pay the premium with after-tax payroll contributions, the benefits you would receive are not subject to FICA, federal, and state taxes.

Partial Disability Benefits

You may be eligible for a partial disability benefit when you return to work and are able to perform some, but not all, of the essential duties of your occupation, and your work earnings are 80% or less of your covered weekly earnings. If your work earnings are equal to or exceed 80%, you are not eligible for a partial disability benefit.

You may receive your unreduced short-term disability benefit plus your work earnings while you are working part-time; however, the combination cannot exceed 100% of your pre-disability earnings.


Making a Coverage Change

You may decrease the amount of coverage or cancel coverage at any time during the year. If you wish to enroll again at a later date, you will need to provide medical evidence of insurability.


Making a Claim



For this benefit you pay 100% of the cost of the coverage. Because you pay the premium with after-tax payroll contributions, the benefits you receive are not subject to FICA, federal and state taxes.

The cost of coverage depends on the amount of monthly benefit you elect and for which you are eligible. You can calculate your Maximum Monthly Benefit Amount by taking your annual salary multiplied by 66-2/3 percent; divided by 12 (months), then rounded down to the nearest $100.

You may select any benefit amount shown up to the lesser of your Maximum Monthly Benefit Amount or $5,000.

Monthly Benefit 2016-2017
Rate per Pay Period
$300 $1.75
400 2.33
500 2.92
600 3.50
700 4.08
800 4.66
900 5.25
1,000 5.83
1,100 6.41
1,200 7.00
1,300 7.58
1,400 8.16
1,500 8.75
1,600 9.33
1,700 9.91
1,800 10.49
1,900 11.08
2,000 11.66
2,100 12.24
2,200 12.83
2,300 13.41
2,400 13.99
2,500 14.58
2,600 15.16
2,700 15.74
2,800 16.32
2,900 16.91
3,000 17.49
3,100 18..07
3,200 18.66
3,300 19.24
3,400 19.82
3,500 20.41
3,600 20.99
3,700 21.57
3,800 22.15
3,900 22.74
4,000 23.32
4,100 23.90
4,200 24.49
4,300 25.07
4,400 25.65
4,500 26.24
4,600 26.82
4,700 27.40
4,800 27.98
4,900 28.57
5,000 29.15