Medical Plans

Medica is the administrator for the medical plans offered by the University. The plans offer a similar set of benefits, but the amount you end up spending for medical care will be different depending on which plan you choose. When you make your decision, pay special attention to what you would pay for coverage rates, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Also check that your doctor is in the plan's network.

Additional Medical Benefits

Summary of Benefits

The 2016 UPlan Medical Summary of Benefits (pdf) provides a detailed description of your medical and pharmacy benefits, as well as any additional benefits that are part of your medical plan.

Understanding an Explanation of Benefits

After you've seen a doctor or other care provider, you will receive a document from Medica called an "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB). The EOB is a record of the services you or another family member received. An EOB is meant to help you understand your benefits and budget for your out-of-pocket expenses.

Understanding an Explanation of Benefits (pdf)

Member Guide to Medica

The Member Guide to Medica (pdf) explains some of your health care options and has important information about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer. It also tells where to find more information if you need it.

UPlan Members' Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a question as a new employee about enrolling for benefits or you have questions about medical plans, the pharmacy program, or Fit Choices. Read the UPlan Members' Frequently Asked Questions (pdf) for answers to those questions and more.

Questions about Your Plan or Provider Options?

Get your questions answered. For example, if you or a family member want to continue seeing a certain doctor, call Medica Customer Service or visit their website to confirm that the doctor is in the network for the plan you choose: 

TTY users, please call 711