Personal & Scheduled Floating Holiday

Personal Holiday-Twin Cities and Rochester Campuses

A personal holiday is provided to academic, civil service, and labor represented staff employees in lieu of a scheduled "floating" holiday on which the campus is to be closed. This holiday must be taken during the fiscal year between the dates of July 1 and June 30. It cannot be banked or used outside this period, or it is lost.

For further detail refer to the following:

Rules and contract language governing leave for personal holidays vary by employee group. Be sure to consult the appropriate governing document.

Scheduled Floating Holiday- Crookston, Duluth, and Morris Campuses

On the Crookston, Duluth, and Morris campuses, a floating holiday is set each year by administrators in lieu of a personal holiday scheduled at the faculty or staff employee's option. The entire campus will be closed on the chosen date, affecting all academic, civil service, and union-represented staff employees.

For contract language regarding Leaves of Absence for Crookston and Duluth faculty, refer to: