Dental Plans for Retirees

As a retired University of Minnesota employee, you have the same plan options as active employees, but you pay the full cost of your dental benefits. However, because you are still included in the University's employee group contracts, the rates you pay are lower than what you would pay for a similar individual plan. Your monthly rates will depend on the plan you choose, and you will be billed directly by the plan.

The dental plans provide comprehensive coverage for most conditions requiring dental diagnosis and treatment, including many preventive and restorative services and orthodontic treatment for children.

There are some differences in the coverage of specific services and in your out-of-pocket costs. Carefully review the benefits provided by the plans available in your area to help you determine which plan best meets your needs.

Dental Plan Contact Information

Delta Dental
TTY: 1-888-853-7570

TTY: 952-883-5127