IDShield Identity Theft Protection Program

Identity theft can happen to anyone. And while it takes just minutes to happen, recovering from the financial damage and emotional stress it causes can take years.

To help protect you and your family, the University offers IDShield, an identity theft protection product. IDShield has provided identity theft coverage since 2003, longer than anyone else in the market.


What Services Does IDShield Offer?

IDShield offers privacy monitoring of your name, Social Security Number, date of birth, email address, phone numbers, driver’s license, passport numbers, and medical ID cards.

IDShield provides security monitoring of your credit cards, bank accounts, Social Security number, financial activity alerts, and quarterly credit score tracking.

In case your identity is stolen, you will have complete identity recovery service by Kroll licensed private Investigators who will work to restore your identity to its pre-theft status.


What is the Cost for IDShield?

As a voluntary benefit, you’ll pay the full cost, but with the advantage of low group rates. You can purchase:

  • Individual coverage for $8.45 per month, or
  • Family coverage that includes your spouse and children up to age 26 for $15.95 per month.

You can elect to have the premiums taken from your personal checking account or savings account, or from a major credit card. Premiums are not taken through payroll deduction.


How Do I Enroll?

You can enroll directly through the IDShield enrollment website. Your coverage will be effective on the first day of the month following your enrollment.


How Can I Learn More About IDShield?

You can also call IDShield Member Services at 1-888-494-8519 or email if you have any questions.