Vaccine Certification

Updated December 1, 2021

Please note: This requirement covers residents and fellows who were inadvertently omitted from the earlier communications. See the updated list of covered employees, below.

Employees must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or submit a medical or religious exemption. This step is required for the University to comply with a federal executive order and to protect vital federal funds. 

Important Information

  • Deadline: Current employees are required to fill out the “Report a Vaccination or Exemption” form in MyU in the My Info tab under Vaccination by 11:59 p.m. on December 3, 2021. 
  • Booster shots: are not required to be considered fully vaccinated at this time.

Employees Who Need to Take Action 

  • Faculty 

  • Staff (including temp/casual employees)

  • Graduate Student Workers

  • Undergraduate Student Workers

  • Adjuncts

  • Professionals in Training

  • Residents

  • Fellows

Special Note for Graduate and Undergraduate Student Workers

You will need to upload proof of vaccination to the “Report a Vaccination or Exemption” form if you:

  • previously attested to your vaccination status as an employee; or 

  • previously provided vaccination dates through the vaccination form for students. 

This is necessary due to changes in government regulations. We realize that this is an additional step given that you already provided some vaccination data, and we appreciate your attention to the requirement.

You will not need to upload proof of vaccination or exemption to the “Report a Vaccination or Exemption” form if you:

  • have already filed a request for a medical or religious exemption from vaccination through the student vaccination form; or

  • are a student learner through the Office of Graduate Medical Education and previously submitted proof of vaccination or a request for a medical or religious exemption.

Preparing to Certify Your Vaccination


Medical or Religious Exemption

Information needed

By dose:

  • Date(s) 

  • Vaccine:

    • Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty, Tozinameran) 

    • Moderna (Spikevax) 

    • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson 

    • AstraZeneca/Oxford (Vaxzevria) 

    • Serum Institute of India/Covishield

    • Sinopharm/Beijing (Covilo)

    • Sinovac/CoronaVac

    • Novavax COVID-19 vaccine

    • Bharat Biotech/Covaxin

  • Health provider(s)

Documentation accepted (as an image or photo)
Only the Exemption Form

No additional documents will be accepted

Acceptable File Types
  • JPG

  • JPEG

  • PDF

  • PNG 

NOTE: If you had a two-dose vaccine, you will need to upload your photo or scan twice (2x) to certify your vaccination 

  • JPG

  • JPEG

  • PDF

  • PNG 


Tips for Certifying Your Vaccination or Submitting an Exemption

  • Disable Your Pop-up Blockers. The MyU pages where you will need to certify will use a pop-up, so you must disable any pop-up blockers you have set in your browser (including your phone or tablet).

  • Have Your Internet ID and Duo Access Handy. To get to the form in MyU, you will need both your internet ID and Duo authentication set up before you log-in.  

  • It’s a Two-Step Process for Two-Dose Vaccines. If you received a two-dose vaccine, you’ll need to upload each dose separately. Enter the dose number, manufacturer, medical provider, and the image or photo. Then, go through the same steps for your second dose and upload your image again.

  • Medical Exemption Form Signatures. You and your healthcare provider can sign the form electronically or you can scan and upload a signed paper copy.

  • Religious Exemption Form Needs to be Notarized. You only need to fill out the form (additional documentation will not be accepted) and then get it notarized. See the Resources and Help section, below.

  • Photos of Documents are Okay. You can take and upload images from your smartphone or tablet—just make sure the photos are clear and the document can be read. 

  • MyU will Not Provide a Confirmation. If you upload your vaccine certification or exemption documents, assume that your upload was accepted. If there are issues with incomplete information or attachments, you will be contacted. How-to resources are available to guide you through the process in more detail (requires an internet ID and password).  

  • All Exemptions are Provisionally Approved. Assume that your medical or religious exemption is approved. It will be reviewed to ensure that it’s complete and you will be contacted if there are any questions or issues with the uploaded file. 

Testing for Those Seeking an Exemption

Resources and Help


Help With Your Questions 

    • Contact your campus, college, or unit Human Resources staff

    • OHR Contact Center at 612-624-8647, 800-756-2363, or