Employee Engagement Panel Discussions

Panel discussion: Academic Leadership Development in the Department, Division, and Cooperative

During this event, Dean Brain Buhr shared his reflections on college leadership and the importance of developing future academic leaders. 

An audio recording of the event is available as a podcast along with a transcript of the event. You can also download the slides from the keynote address and Research Insights and Research Insights handout that were presented during the event.


Leadership: The Essential Ingredient to Employee Engagement

A panel of University of Minnesota leaders discussed their use of employee engagement data over the past several years and how they’ve taken action to sustain and improve employee engagement.

Additional resources provided at the session include:

Senior Academic Leaders Share Best Practices on Motivating and Engaging Faculty and Staff

Academic leaders met to discuss how engagement data is used for leadership and team development. You can access:

  • Four videos on YouTube (you can link to the others by clicking on "Show More" under the description to view the other sections):

    • Part 1: Welcome and Overview of University Results (24 minutes) by Brandon Sullivan, PhD

    • Part 2: Panel Discussion (62 minutes) by senior leaders of best practices in taking action on employee engagement data. Panelists included: Laura Bloomberg, associate dean, Humphrey School of Public Affairs; Connie Delaney, dean, School of Nursing; Stephen Lehmkuhle, chancellor, University of Minnesota, Rochester; and, Becky Yust, interim dean, College of Design.

    • Part 3: Case Study (13 minutes) of senior leader team development and faculty leadership development programs, presented by Greg Cuomo, associate dean for Research and Graduate Programs, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, and Jean Quam, dean, College of Education and Human Development.

    • Part 4: Question and Answer Session (42 minutes) with all presenters and panelists

This session was co-sponsored by Leadership and Talent Development in the Office of Human Resources, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs.