Walking Program - 10K a day

50 wellness points 

The 10K-A-Day walking program from StayWell Online is a fun way to be active. When you sign up, StayWell will send you a free pedometer so you can track your activity for six weeks. The goal is to work toward logging 10,000 steps within a single day. 

You can go to StayWell Online to sign up for 10K-A-Day. If you are the spouse on your UPlan, you can sign in to StayWell using this link.

In addition to walking, you can track other forms of exercise, including biking, swimming, gardening— all of those activities count! Be sure to sign up for 10K-A-Day by June 30, 2016, at the latest to have enough time to finish the program by August 31, 2017.