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Relocation Assistance Program

Welcome to the University of Minnesota

RAP provides information on moving companies, housing, child and elder care, school systems, diversity, and community resources. Because University professionals are often part of dual-career couples, RAP offers Dual Career Services to help spouses or partners explore employment options in the Twin Cities and around the state.

Receive a Customized Relocation Packet

The University of Minnesota Relocation Assistance Program can provide information about the Twin Cities, the University, and the resources and support available to new and prospective employees through the Relocation Assistance Program.

Complete this form to receive an information packet or request supplemental information.

Departments conducting employment searches are encouraged to contact RAP for recruitment support, including: customized relocation packets, assistance in recruiting for diversity, housing options, and more. Visit the Hiring Departments page for information or complete this form to request materials.

Job Search Services

RAP offers spouses and partners guidance in a job search, resume/curriculum vitae review, and career counseling. In addition, RAP maintains a list of employment partners for spouse/partner job seekers.

About the University of Minnesota and the Twin Cities

Read more about the richness and diversity of the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities campus, the Twin Cities, and see why Twin Citians are proud to call this place home. 

University Traditions

The University of Minnesota was established in 1851, years before Minnesota became an official state of the Union. Since then, the U of M has formed many unique traditions from our marching band, to our team cheer “SKI-U-MAH,” to Goldy the Gopher.

Making Connections

When Daniel Muñoz-Hutchinson's partner got a job offer from the University of Minnesota, he relocated while finishing his dissertation. He was able to use the Upper Midwest Higher Education Relocation Consortium (UMW HERC) website to make connections and start his career in Minnesota.

Contact the Relocation Assistance Program

545 West Bank Office Building
1300 S. 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454