Health Care Account - Deposit Amount & Payroll Deductions

The IRS requires that if you do not use the full balance in your Health Care Flexible Spending Account for expenses incurred as of your effective date through March 15 of the following year, you lose the unused portion — the "use-it-or-lose-it" provision. Any remaining balance in your Health Care Flexible Spending Account at that point is forfeited and retained by the plan. Please calculate your expenses carefully to ensure you will use the full amount.

You may contribute a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2,550 each calendar year from your pay on a pre-tax basis. Deposits into your health care account are deducted from your pay in equal installments from your effective date of coverage through December 31.

Mid-Year Enrollment

If you enroll mid-year, you may elect to deposit the annual maximum allowed. The amount you elect is deducted from your pay in equal installments for the remainder of the calendar year. (Please note that expenses incurred before your effective date will not be reimbursed.)

Continuing Appointment Less than 12 Months

If you hold a continuing appointment that is less than 12 months and do not receive a paycheck for two or three months of the year, payroll deductions terminate during the period in which you do not receive a paycheck and resume with the first full pay period after your return.

At that point, the amount of your year-to-date contributions are subtracted from your authorized annual amount and the difference is deducted from your remaining pay checks in equal installments through year end. You are still able to submit eligible expenses incurred during the non-work period, provided you do return to work at the beginning of the next academic year.