Making Changes to Your Dependent Daycare FSA

In compliance with IRS regulations, you may change or end your participation in the Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Account during the year only when you have one or more of the following status changes. Please note that you may not change the amount of your dependent daycare account deposits if you decide you cannot afford the deductions from your pay or if you have an unforeseen expense and need the money for other purposes.

Status changes include:

  • Your marriage or divorce
  • Death of your spouse or an eligible dependent
  • Birth or adoption of an eligible dependent child
  • Commencement, termination, or change in your or your spouse's employment status (e.g., part-time to full-time work or vice-versa)
  • You or your spouse take an unpaid leave of absence (for at least one full pay period)
  • Your last eligible child turns age 13 (note that for children who turn 13 during the year, expenses are not covered after their 13th birthdays; you may cancel your account after your only eligible child turns age 13)
  • You change day care providers and the cost changes, provided you are currently enrolled in a Dependent Daycare FSA
  • Child care hours are reduced or increased and the cost changes, provided you are currently enrolled in a Dependent Daycare FSA

You must request the change to your Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Account in writing within 30 days of the date that one of the above status changes occurs. Once approved, the change to your Dependent Daycare FSA will take effect the first full pay period following the date of the status change.

If you increased the amount of your election, eligible expenses for the additional amount must be incurred on or after the effective date of the change.

Call 4-UOHR (612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363) and select option 1 or send an email to for more information and to make your change.

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