Graduate Assistant Tuition Benefits

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  • You must have a graduate assistant appointment that provides tuition benefits and must work at least 98 hours during the semester payroll dates.
  • To hold a graduate assistantship, you must be registered for the minimum number of credits.

Note: Eligibility for a non-resident waiver requires you to work at least 195 hours during the semester payroll dates.

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Maximum Tuition Benefits

Maximum tuition benefits for the academic year are based on a 50% appointment during the official semester payroll dates.

Maximum Tuition Benefit per Semester by Classification

Job Code
Maximum Tuition Benefit
per Semester
9511 Teaching assistant
$8,922 for 2021-2022 academic year
9515 Graduate instructor
9521 Research assistant
9526 Graduate research project assistant
9531 Administrative fellow
9549 Veterinary resident—Graduate Program
9553 Dental fellow
9559 Medical fellow
  Advanced Masters or PhD Candidate  
9532 Administrative fellow
$1,487 for 2021-2022 academic year
9533 Administrative fellow
9517 Graduate instructor
9528 Research assistant
9529 Research assistant
9527 Research project assistant
9518 Teaching assistant
9519 Teaching assistant
9538 Legal project assistant with benefits (law school students only)
$22,188 for 2021-2022 academic year (fall and spring)

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Calculating Benefits

Graduate assistants can receive the maximum tuition benefits (equal to the cost of graduate school tuition) if they have a 50% graduate assistant appointment during the official semester payroll dates.

To calculate the percentage of tuition benefits you should receive, multiply your graduate assistant appointment percentage, based on your job classification (see table above), by two.

Calculating Benefits Examples

Appointment Percentage
Maximum Tuition Benefit
x 2
x 2
x 2

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Flexible Hourly Appointment Benefits

A flexible hourly appointment provides you with a tuition benefit at the start of the semester. Your department will send the GAE office an estimate of the number of hours you will work during the semester.

This type of appointment can be beneficial to you, as long as you work the number of estimated hours or more during the semester. However, if you work less than the estimated hours (even by one hour), or don't work at least 98 hours a semester, you will lose all or part of your tuition benefit. You will also have to repay the unearned portion of tuition benefits you receive. In addition, you could lose your non-resident waiver if you work fewer hours than your department first estimated. If you work more hours, the GAE office will increase the tuition benefit, if applicable.

The GAE office will notify you of expectations, hours of your appointment, and any changes in the hours you worked at the start and end of each semester.

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Prorated Tuition Benefits

Appointments beginning after or ending before the official payroll semester appointment dates: Your tuition benefits will be prorated for appointments of at least 98 hours that begin after or end before the official payroll semester appointment dates. You will be billed for any remaining tuition costs, at non-resident rates if applicable. If you work less than the 98 hours required for eligibility, you will be billed for 100% of the tuition benefit, at non-resident rates if applicable.

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Making Sure Your Tuition Is Paid

Your tuition benefit depends on your appointment percentage and the number of registered credits. Tuition benefits do not pay for other charges, such as lab fees, student service fees, installment fees, late charges, or late registration fees, which are assessed by Student Accounts Receivable and charged to your account. You are responsible for paying expenses not covered by your tuition benefit.

Make sure your tuition is paid by the due date. If you don't see your tuition benefits on your billing statement at the beginning of each semester, don't ignore your billing statement. If you do nothing, you may be assessed non-refundable late fees. 

If you get a bill you believe is incorrect, immediately contact the department where you work or Graduate Assistant Services to resolve the problem.

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