Self-Directed Coaching

50 wellness points

Self-Directed Coaching is a self-guided course offered through StayWell Online to help you become more aware of your own health. Self-Directed Coaching is a program that will help you turn your health goals into health actions. With Self-Directed Coaching, you choose your goal and the coaching program will use tips, tools and suggestions tailored personally to you to help you achieve it. 

When you complete the program by August 31, 2017, you’ll earn 50 wellness points.

Both University employees and UPlan-covered spouses are eligible to take Self-Directed Coaching.

How to Sign Up

  1. On your StayWell Online page, click "Programs and Points" from the top menu
  2. Scroll down until you find the "Self-Directed Coaching" under the "Coaching and Support" category
  3. On the Self-Directed Coaching page, click "Let's Go" to get started