Stress Less (Morris)

150 wellness points

It’s no secret that stress can be a big problem in our lives. Stress Less is a group class offered at the Stevens Community Medical Center (SCMC) that will help you develop a personal plan to manage your stress through mindfulness and other techniques. All the classes are taught by a licensed psychologist.

Two class sessions are scheduled for 2016-2017, one in the fall, and one in the spring. Each session has a maximum of 20 participants. To register for a session, please contact the Morris health and wellness coach or call (320) 589-6486.

Get Reimbursed and Earn Points

Each session costs $100, which you must pay directly to SCMC. However, if you attend six out of eight classes, the University will reimburse that cost to you. Reimbursement is not automatic, so you must set up a reimbursement account first.

When you complete the course you will also earn 150 wellness points. Please allow six to eight weeks after you finish the course for your points to show up in your StayWell Online profile.