Offer and Accept

Phase 1: Post and Recruit | Phase 2: Screen and Select | Phase 3: Offer and Accept

Phase 3 of the Hiring Service Agreement (pdf) is Offer and Accept.

Owner Activity Activity Description and Resources
Hiring Unit 
Extend offer Negotiate terms within established parameters, set tentative start date and prepare offer letter. Present offer contingent on successful background check, other verifications, required degree completion, and/or pending approvals. Send offer letter and background check instructions to finalist. Collect signed offer acceptance. Suggested timeline: 1 day

1. Template letters
2. Relocation Assistance Program
3. Prospective employee benefits summary
4. Background checks and verifications

Talent Acquisition
 Check background                       Applicant must provide information. Checks and verifications are completed. Note: Verification of highest degree is required for all Faculty and P&A employees. If checks and verifications are satisfactory, confirm start date. Finalist may not start employment before satisfactory background check is completed. Suggested timeline: 3 days

1. Standard background verification request-cover sheet (pdf)
2. Background verification request-cover sheet for senior and other high-level leader positions (pdf)
3. Background checks and verifications

Hiring Unit 
 Finalize hire Capture reason for non-selection for all candidates besides finalists and update applicants' statuses in system to ensure accurate EOAA reporting statistics. Communicate with non-selected applicants. Confirm with Talent Acquisition that requisition is ready to be closed. Suggested timeline: 1 day
Talent Acquisition Close requisition Notify Talent Acquisition to designate position as filled in recruiting system. Suggested timeline: 1 day

Phase 1: Post and Recruit | Phase 2: Screen and Select | Phase 3: Offer and Accept

Questions About Hiring?

If you have questions about the hiring process, please contact your college or unit HR professional. 

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