Diversity and Inclusion

Supporting all faculty and staff 

The Office of Human Resources supports the University’s MPact 2025 goal of fostering a welcoming community that values belonging, equity, diversity, and dignity in people and ideas. We work to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and student workers and reduce disparities among underrepresented groups in partnership with the human resources community. 


The University of Minnesota Twin Cities is built within the traditional homelands of the Dakota people. It is important to acknowledge the peoples on whose land we live, learn, and work as we seek to improve and strengthen our relations with our tribal nations. We also acknowledge that words are not enough. We must ensure that our institution provides support, resources, and programs that increase access to all aspects of higher education for our American Indian students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Trial Resources

The trial of former Minneapolis Police Officers for the murder of George Floyd affects all of our community and may cause new trauma for our BIPOC colleagues as well as our students and the community that we serve.

OHR offers resources to support the mental and emotional health of employees. Additionally, we are providing ideas on how to support other employees and suggestions for supervisors during this period.

Supporting Employees

Check-in on wellbeing and safety. This time is not “business as usual.” Employees, especially Black and Indigenous employees and other employees of color, may be facing extra stressors during this time. Make intentional efforts to reach out to your team members to check on their safety and wellbeing. The physical, emotional, and mental wellness of our employees is our top priority.

Remain flexible. Keeping in mind that some employees may be experiencing stressful days or challenging circumstances, be flexible in offering employees time off from work or an alternative schedule, when possible. Consider extending work deadlines to allow for time away.

Proceed with empathy. It’s important to recognize the challenges and stress that you and many employees may be experiencing. If ever there was a time, now is when it’s important to see yourselves as having merged identities rather than compartmentalized “work” or “life” identities. Listen, learn, and adjust (when possible) to the specific needs and preferences of your employees. Remember to offer yourself that same compassion and grace.

Supervisor Resources 

Encourage your team members to seek educational opportunities offered by the Office for Equity and Diversity’s Education Program. Share this resource of U of M Affinity Groups and information on the systemwide Diversity Community of Practice. Support your staff members who need to carve out time to find community in affinity groups and other forms of support offered by our University community.