Reclassification Process and Policies

Either a department or an individual employee can request a reclassification of a job if:

  • An employee's duties and responsibilities have changed substantially due to changes in organization, work, staffing requirements, or technology
  • The classification assigned to the position may be inappropriate or was initially classified incorrectly

An employee request will need approval before it reaches OHR for review. If you're not sure whether to reclassify, you can discuss the options with a compensation consultant by emailing or calling 4-UOHR (612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363). You may also want to review job classification descriptions.

Sometimes a reclassification request is motivated by the desire to reward a top performer. These efforts are more appropriately recognized through merit or in-range adjustments.

The reclassification process depends which bargaining unit the position belongs to. For information on how to reclassify a job, click on the appropriate employee group:

Reclassification Process for Civil Service and P&A Employees

To apply to reclassify your job, follow these steps (make sure to save the form as you go):

  1. Employee completes the Classification Review Request (pdf) form, types their signature on the form, and forwards it to their supervisor.
  2. Supervisor reviews the form for completeness and accuracy, adds comments or additional information as needed, and approves the request by typing their signature on the form.
  3. Supervisor forwards the Classification Review Request form, employee's previous position description, and a current organizational chart to the department head/dean/designee for review and approval.
  4. Head/dean/designee forwards documents to the HR director for review and approval.
  5. Once all approvals have been received, email documents to OHR Compensation at

Please note: Only electronic documents will be accepted. Please email the review request form in its original format rather than by printing and scanning. Scanning the document will not allow the full content to be readable.

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Reclassification Process for All Other Employees

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Reclassification Process

These steps will guide you through the reclassification process:

  1. The employee fills out and signs the JEQ or JRQ form (the type of form is determined by the current classification of the position). Note: A JEQ form must be completed for classifications that have point ranges assigned to them.
  2. The employee submits the JEQ/JRQ form to the supervisor.
  3. The supervisor completes the appropriate sections of the JEQ/JRQ.
  4. The supervisor signs and submits the JEQ/JRQ to the department head along with:
    • A job description
    • An organizational chart
  5. The department head submits the following to the dean or vice president for approval:
    • The JEQ/JRQ form
    • The job description
    • The organizational chart
  6. The JEQ/JRQ, job description, and organizational chart are sent to the Compensation Department of the Office of Human Resources.
  7. In Compensation, a compensation analyst will:
    • Complete a job evaluation of the position
    • Determine the appropriate classification

Once the position has been reviewed and a determination has been made, the reclassification recommendation of the compensation analyst is final and will be implemented unless the decision is appealed by the employee within the required time frame. For specific appeal policies for each employee group, see the reclassification policies listed under "Reclassification Contractual Policies" below.

Required Forms

These are the documents you'll need to classify or reclassify a position:

AFSCME Clerical
Unit 6 (18xx)
AFSCME Technical
Unit 7 (49xx)
AFSCME Health Care
Unit 4 (5xxx)
Teamsters (60xx)
  • JEQ (pdf)
  • org chart
  • job description
  • JEQ (pdf)
  • org chart
  • job description
  • JRQ* (pdf)
  • org chart
  • job description
  • JRQ* (pdf)
  • org chart
  • job description

* NOTE: A JEQ must be completed for classifications that have point ranges assigned to them.

Reclassification Contractual Policies

In order to find the specific reclassification policies for your units, consult the contracts posted in the Contracts & Administrative Interpretations section.

Reclassifying Student Positions

Use the following policy, process, and form for reclassifications of student positions:

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