Supervisory Development Course

This image shows seven people sitting at a table in a conference room. The people are having a video conference with a man. All seven people at the table are looking at the television.

The Supervisory Development Course was developed exclusively for faculty and staff who oversee the work of others. These online, self-paced training modules include:

  • webinars
  • videos
  • quick-guide resources
  • quizzes and more

Total time commitment per module: Approximately two hours.

Seven Learning Modules

The seven core modules at the heart of the Supervisory Development Course provide real-life scenarios based on situations at the University of Minnesota. Webinars and resources are regularly updated based on participant feedback and changes in leadership research.

  • Feedback and Coaching
    • Assess employee performance, potential, and readiness for new challenges.
    • Formulate effective feedback.
    • Plan a productive coaching discussion.
    • Watch the webinar online now.
  • Managing and Evaluating Performance

    • Identify effective ways to set goals.
    • Plan, coach, and evaluate performance throughout the year.
    • Apply the best practices for writing and delivering a performance review.
    • Watch the webinar online now.
  • Managing Conflict

    • Define conflict, its purpose, and benefits.

    • Create more self-awareness regarding your own approach to conflict and the approaches of others.

    • Assess conflict to determine its source.

    • Build the skills needed to effectively manage conflict.

    • Watch the webinar online  now.

  • Leading Teams

    • Identify when a team is the best approach to complete a task.

    • Learn the key elements for building and launching an effective team.

    • Learn strategies to improve a team's performance, decision-making abilities, and conflict resolution.

    • Watch the webinar online  now.

  • Employee Engagement

    • What employee engagement is and the employee engagement cycle.

    • What are the ways to gather your employees' input?

    • How do you make sense of the input you have received?

    • What are the main elements to consider when preparing for an effective discussion?

    • What are some action planning principles and what resources exist to support you in the engagement work?

    • Watch the webinar online now.

  • Onboarding New Employees

    • Create a plan built on elements that establish and foster long-term employee engagement.

    • Immerse new employees in the culture of the organization and introduce them to key contacts for success.

    • Set performance expectations and goals to foster new employee success and help them achieve the right results.

    • Watch the webinar  online  now.

  • Selection and Hiring

    • Identify common pitfalls in the selection and hiring process and how to avoid them

    • Examine the usefulness of accurate, unbiased assessments.

    • Analyze the needs of the position to understand exactly what you need the new hire to do.

    • Identify tools and materials available to make the selection and hiring process more effective.

    • Watch the webinar online now.