Employee Engagement

Take the employee engagement survey from October 14 - November 1

Find Final Survey Response Rates

Final survey response rates are posted at z.umn.edu/engagementresponserates. Please email ee2@umn.edu if you have questions about the survey.

Employee Engagement Resources for Leaders 

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University of Minnesota Employee Engagement Survey Resources for Supervisors 

Find resources for leaders and supervisors to support the survey and take action to improve employee engagement. 

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Learn About Employee Engagement

This online training module on employee engagement fundamentals is part of the Supervisory Development Course. Learn about the employee engagement cycle, steps to take during each cycle, and the resources to help you do it.

U-Wide Results

2017 Employee Engagement Total University of Minnesota Results (pdf) is available. It provides an overview of the University's approach to employee engagement and high-level data from the most recent survey.