Employee Engagement

On Monday, October 11 benefits-eligible faculty and staff will receive an email from UofMNSurvey@qualtrics-survey.com with a unique link to the survey.

The pandemic and increased response to racism and racial bias have had dramatic effects on our job responsibilities, systems, processes, and norms. The Employee Engagement Survey is an opportunity for everyone to offer feedback about working at the University of Minnesota. Data from the survey will help leaders to understand the scope of the impact as well as how to make meaningful changes to support employees.

Despite the challenges we’re facing, we can all find ways to support employee engagement in our new work environment and these resources can be helpful.

The next Employee Engagement Survey will take place from October 11–29.

Employee Engagement Resources for Leaders 

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University of Minnesota Employee Engagement Survey Resources for Supervisors 

Find resources for leaders and supervisors to support the survey and take action to improve employee engagement. 

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Learn About Employee Engagement

This online training module on employee engagement fundamentals is part of the Supervisory Development Course. Learn about the employee engagement cycle, steps to take during each cycle, and the resources to help you do it.