Medical Plans & Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is optional insurance coverage offered through Medicare for prescription drugs.

All of the University's medical plans for retirees age 65 or over include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage to their members.

  • The prescription drug coverage for each of the medical plans offered through the University is better coverage than that offered through Medicare Part D alone.
  • You are enrolled right away in Medicare Part D when you enroll in any of the medical plans offered through the University. Only Blue Cross Blue Shield requires that you complete a form for the separate Group MedicareBlue Rx prescription drug program.
  • The Medicare premium for Medicare Part D is included in the monthly premium you pay for your University medical plan.

If you enroll in another Medicare Part D plan in the open marketplace, you will lose your coverage through the University. You will be unable then to benefit from the University's group rates and benefits.

Medicare charges a penalty for late enrollment in Medicare Part D. However, if you are enrolled in a medical plan offered through the University and decide later to leave this plan for one outside of the University, you will not be charged a penalty for late enrollment. That's because you will have been enrolled in Medicare Part D in an employer-sponsored group plan.