HealthPartners Freedom

Plan HealthPartners Freedom 
Plan 1 & Plan 2
HealthPartners Retiree 
National Choice 
Plan 1 & Plan 2
Type of Network: Open Access No contracted network. Members can see any Medicare provider in the U.S.
Must Designate Clinic: No No
Referrals Required: No No
Plan Manages Paperwork: Yes, when using network providers Yes
Can Live Outside of Plan's Service Area: No Yes
Travel/Extended Absence: Up to 9 consecutive months No need to get plan approval for travel. Members can see any provider in the U.S.

Plan Overview

For more than 50 years, HealthPartners has been a local option for Medicare coverage. With more than 1.5 million members in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, HealthPartners is the largest consumer-governed, non-profit health care organization in the nation.

HealthPartners offers two options under HealthPartners Freedom and HealthPartners Retiree NationalChoice.

  • U of M Plan 1 — Will cost less when you receive services, but it has a higher monthly premium.
  • U of M Plan 2 — Will cost more when you receive services, but it has a lower monthly premium.

HealthPartners Freedom Plan and HealthPartners Retiree National Choice have the same benefits and monthly premiums in each of the plans.

HealthPartners Freedom Plan

You are encouraged to use HealthPartners providers, but you do not assign your Medicare benefits to HealthPartners. Health care services are provided by more than 45,000 in-network providers that you can access without a referral. And you retain your Medicare benefits to use outside of the network at any time.

  • Medicare pays primary for Part A inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, and home health care expenses.
  • HealthPartners pays Medicare coinsurance and deductibles.
  • HealthPartners pays primary for Part B medical expenses.

HealthPartners Retiree National Choice

You must permanently live outside of the Minnesota and western Wisconsin service area to enroll in HealthPartners Retiree National Choice.

  • Medicare pays primary for Part A and B services.
  • Providers will bill Medicare as the primary payer and HealthPartners as the secondary payer.
  • Members can use any provider that is Medicare certified and accepts Medicare assignment.

For more details on coverage for both plans, see the Medical Plan Comparison charts.

Medicare Part D

Both HealthPartners plans include Medicare Part D with the premium included in your medical plan premium. 

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