Travel Benefit

When you are traveling or you have a dependent who is a student attending college outside of the plan's service area, you may still receive in-network benefits for medical services. You will need to use a provider in the designated network from Medica. To be eligible, your permanent residence must be within the plan's service area.

Travel Benefit

The travel benefit is offered in Medica Elect/Essential, Medica ACO Plan, and Medica Choice Regional. This benefit provides in-network benefits for services received outside of Medica'a service area when traveling, and you access providers in the UnitedHealthcare Option PPO network.

Some services, including chiropractic and transplants, are not part of the travel benefit. Your out-of-network/emergency benefit will apply for these services.

Locate a Provider

Go to the Find a Physician or Facility page on the Medica website and then click on the link below Travel Program to access the travel network. Another option is to call the customer service phone number found on your Medica member ID card.

Note: The travel program is already included in the Medica Choice National and Medica HSA plan options. Medica Choice National and Medica HSA also allow members to live outside of the service area.