Online Resume/Vitae Instructions

To maximize your potential contacts with selected Twin Cities' area employers, you can post a brief career synopsis and your resume/vitae on the RAP Web site.

To create your career synopsis and accompanying resume/vitae, follow these steps:

  1. Create a document, preferably using Microsoft Word.
  2. Write a brief career synopsis, not to exceed 100 words, including:
    • First and last names.
    • A career descriptor—something that describes who you are as a professional. You may choose a title from the past or highlight a skill/interest that you have, and a direction you would like to take in the future. Examples
    • List your degrees only if they are what define you professionally. For example, you may have been a risk manager for the last five years and are seeking a risk management position. You would want to tie your career descriptor to that experience rather than your B.S. in Accounting.
    • If applicable, include the dates you will be in the Twin Cities or available for in-person interviews.
  3. Use your last name when saving the document.
  4. Attach your brief career synopsis and resume/vitae to an e-mail and send to The subject of your e-mail should be "RAP profile."

When an update is needed, make the change to your original and e-mail to

Please contact us if you have any questions.