College/Unit Performance Management Plan

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) approves the use of performance management tools developed by Colleges/ Departments/ Units. The OHR approval process for performance management tools developed for employees in Civil Service (not represented by a bargaining unit) classifications includes consultation by the University's Civil Service Committee.

College/Department/Unit Designs Unit Specific Performance Management Tools

The College/ Department/ Unit works with their Office of Human Resources HR Consultant to develop performance management tools specific to their unit. The performance management plan includes:

  1. A policy or purpose statement that explains the unit's objectives in managing performance, that links individual performance to the unit and University goals
  2. A manual and/or training materials to explain how the unit will manage performance, how to clearly state performance expectations, how performance will be measured, definitions of performance ratings, what supervisors and employees need to know to effectively manage performance, expectations of supervisors and employees during the performance cycle/year, guidelines for preparing for the formal year end performance review
  3. Performance management forms including a performance appraisal form that summarizes responsibilities, performance expectations, measures, and performance rating.
  4. A plan to review performance across the unit – to look for consistency in expectations, rater consistency, as well as trends
  5. An audit or explanation of how the unit will evaluate the program's effectiveness

The OHR HR Consultant works with the OHR Compensation Division during the design and development of unit specific performance management tools.

College/Department/Unit Requests Approval

OHR Compensation Division staff review performance management tools (appraisal forms, policies, procedures, training material) developed by a college/ department/ unit. The Compensation Division makes a recommendation of whether to support OHR approval for use of the tools.

OHR Tentative Approval of Performance Management Tools

The OHR approval process stops if the Compensation Division does not recommend OHR approval of the performance management tools. The OHR Compensation Division will provide information on what changes are required in order to secure support for OHR approval.

OHR Approval

The OHR approval process continues, facilitated by the Compensation Division, for performance management tools recommended for OHR approval.

The Compensation Division facilitates the approval process for College/Department/Unit performance management tools recommended for OHR approval.

  • The OHR Compensation Division requests that the Office of Equal Opportunity review the performance management tools. The Office of Equal Opportunity comments are shared with the College/Department/Unit.
  • The Civil Service Committee consults on performance management tools designed for use with employees in Civil Service (not represented by a bargaining unit) classifications. The OHR Compensation Division schedules a meeting with the Civil Service Compensation subcommittee for consultation on the performance management tools and supporting policies/procedures, and training materials.
  • The Civil Service Compensation Committee has identified some questions/areas of interest that will be asked of every unit.
  • One or more Unit representatives and the Unit's OHR HR Consultant present the performance management tools at a Civil Service Compensation Committee meeting.
  • After consultation with the Compensation Committee the Unit may make changes to the performance management tools, policies/procedures, and/or training material. Revised documents are forwarded to OHR HR Consultant and Compensation Division.
  • The Compensation Committee reports the outcome of their consultation at the following full Civil Service Committee meeting. The meeting minutes/record note that the Committee has provided consultation and input.
  • Compensation Division issues a letter, on behalf of VP of Human Resources, approving the performance management tools for use within the Unit that developed the tools.
  • Following OHR approval - substantive changes to the performance management tool are reviewed by Compensation Division. Minor changes to "tweak" the document do not require review by Compensation Division.

Approval Time Frame

  • If Office of Human Resources has been involved throughout development: Approximately 6-8 weeks
  • If the Office of Human Resources has not been involved during development: Approximately12+ weeks*

* Does not include time Unit may spend revising performance management materials.