Faculty and P&A Pay Practices

Faculty and Professional and Academic (P&A) staff who are designated nonexempt are eligible for:

  • Overtime

Note: As of November 14, 2016, employees designated nonexempt (those whose salaries are less than the U.S. Department of Labor's salary exemption test) must be paid an hourly rate for each hour worked and one-and-a-half times the hourly rate (cash or compensatory time) for all hours worked over 40 hours in a week. Faculty and P&A staff designated exempt are not eligible for overtime payments.

Faculty and P&A staff (both exempt and nonexempt) are eligible for:

  • University and campus paid holidays
  • Personal paid holiday

Faculty and P&A staff are not eligible for:

  • Holiday premium pay
  • Shift differential
  • Callback
  • On call

See the Premium Payments Guide for a helpful chart on who is eligible for overtime, on-call pay, holiday pay, and other special situations.