Hiring Finance Professionals

In response to feedback from the University's finance community, the Office of Human Resources has introduced a new, streamlined approach to hiring finance professionals.

Finance Professional 1 and 2 positions from across the University are now combined into a single job posting, allowing candidates to apply just once for all open positions. This new process will not only create a better candidate experience, it has several advantages for hiring managers:

  • A dedicated, central recruiter will handle posting, advertising, recruiting, and collecting applications for finance professional openings, avoiding duplicated effort.
  • Hiring managers can take advantage of a shared pool of pre-qualified applicants.
  • Units will have a list of candidates within two days of their request.
  • This "continuous recruiting" process will help retain top finance candidates who might have been turned away once a particular job was filled.
  • Units will benefit from an OHR web page just for finance professionals, showcasing current openings.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Staff Contacts for Hiring Finance Professionals

For unit support in creating a Finance Professional job opening, managing the applicant pool, and selecting applicants: