Inclusive Hiring Checklist

Printable, one-page checklist (pdf)

Post and Recruit Phase
(Job Posting, Recruitment Planning, Attracting Applicants)
Determine hiring need and gain approval.
Write a compelling, inclusive job posting.
Prepare a recruitment plan with identified diverse networks to advertise the position.
Engage others to promote and recruit for the position.
Screen and Select Phase
(Screening Applications, Interviewing Applicants, Selecting Applicants)
Create an applicant comparison tool to evaluate applicant materials, listing cultural competency as a priority.
Review EOAA Applicant Summary to ensure interview pool includes diversity.
Evaluate applicant pool based on the qualifications of the job opening.
Discuss implicit bias and the potential impact on selecting applicants to interview.
Select applicants for interviews based on the score from the applicant comparison tool.
Consider interviewing all qualified applicants using a shortened, convenient video interview tool, SparkHire (contact your Talent Acquisition consultant for support). The video interview may replace screening by phone.
Create behavioral-based interview questions that relate to the position. Make sure to include a cultural competency question.
Schedule on-campus interviews with applicants. If video interviewing was used, invite your top 3–4 applicants to interview in person. Ask the same questions of each applicant.
Notify candidates not selected for an interview through Recruiting Solutions. After the first round of interviews, notify candidates not selected to move forward.
Offer and Accept Phase
(Offering/Accepting Job, Onboarding/Engagement)
Notify finalists and check references using SkillsSurvey.
Gain approval (if applicable) and send offer letter.
Conduct background check. Employee cannot start unless completed.
Prepare for employee onboarding. Remind employee to bring original I-9 documents on first day of work.
Close the job posting in Recruiting Solutions and notify any remaining applicants that the position was filled.

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