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K-12 Education 

Minnesota ranks among the top 10 in quality education in the nation. The Twin Cities area has a range of education choices from private schools to magnet schools, community schools, and charter schools. 

Open Enrollment

Within the public realm, the State of Minnesota offers the Statewide Enrollment Options Program. This program, more commonly known as “Open Enrollment,” allows a student to attend a school in a district outside the district in which they live. For example, if the student lives in Minneapolis, they can apply to attend a school in St. Paul.

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Post Secondary Enrollment Options

More than 100,000 Minnesota high school students have used the state's Post Secondary Enrollment Options, a law that allows high school juniors and seniors to attend college for free, full or part-time. Students may continue to participate in high school activities while they participate in PSEO. Many high schools also offer Advanced Placement, College in the Schools, and International Baccalaureate courses. Ask the high school(s) that interest you about those courses.

Personal Connections

University educators who are experts on Twin Cities' schools can help you get a better sense of educational opportunities in and near Minneapolis and St. Paul. Contact RAP for a referral.

Dr. Joe Nathan, director of the Center for School Change, can also talk with you about your education options. Send an email to To prepare for your conversation with Dr. Nathan, consider your responses to these questions (pdf) about your child and school preferences. There is a charge for Dr. Nathan's service.