Spouse or Partner Employment Support

University professionals are often part of a dual-career couple and the employment needs of the spouse or partner are an important consideration when relocating. We offer personalized support and resources to help spouses or partners explore employment options in our community for up to one year after relocating. Spouses or partners can work with RAP without a referral from a University department. 

How the Relocation Assistance Program can help

Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

This image is a small logo for HERC Upper Midwest. The logo has a green star with a smaller blue star completing the shape on the top right corner. The text, HERC is in green and Upper Midwest is blue.

The University of Minnesota is a member of the Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC). This consortium is made up of more than 50 institutions in the Upper Midwest that work together to support dual-career and diversity hiring.

You can search HERC’s job board that lists open faculty and staff jobs at all of its member institutions.

Explore Employment at the University of Minnesota

If you’re looking for job opportunities at the University of Minnesota, we can help connect you to departments and administrators within your discipline. The University also has policies that allow departments and units to hire spouses or partners without a search. These policies may help the primary hire to raise the issue of bridge funding and also encourage open dialogue with their respective hiring department about possible options for spouse or partner employment.

If you are working with us and apply for a particular U of M job within the first year of your arrival, choose "Relocation Assistance Program" under "How did you learn of this job?". This information on your application will indicate to departments that you are the accompanying partner of a new faculty or staff member who has relocated to Minnesota. In addition, you may request a standard support letter from RAP that can be attached to all your applications.

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A group of people at a Twin Cities Networking event

 Help Connecting to the Twin Cities Network

  • We help spouses and partners connect with our network of volunteers, alumni, U of M employees, and professional associations in a variety of fields and disciplines.

  • We have partnerships with several major Twin Cities companies and public entities like Target, 3M, General Mills, and Medtronic to help spouses or partners identify opportunities within their organization. When contacting an organization, be sure to mention your affiliation with the University, and that you were referred by the Relocation Assistance Program.

  • MSP Hello, a project of Make.It.MSP, hosts free events and provides resources that will help you connect with others and expand your personal network.

Contact us to start making connections.

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Support for International Spouses/Partners

Visa or personal issues can sometimes prevent immediate employment in the U.S. Check with the U of M Office of International Student and Scholar Services and Career Development Network to clarify your employment eligibility and to gain guidance for your search.   

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Resume/Curriculum Vita Resources