FICA Wage Limits and Tax Rates

To determine the amount of your gross pay subject to Social Security taxes, up to the wage base limit:

1. Start with your gross pay amount.

2. Add any taxable fringe benefits and taxable employer-paid deductions (see Understanding Your Pay Statement).

3. Subtract amounts you paid in any before-tax deductions programs you participate in:

  • Employee insurance benefits
  • Parking deductions
  • Health care or dependent care reimbursement deductions

The remainder is your social security taxable gross.

Note: Since 2013, an additional .9% Medicare tax is withheld when employees' wages exceed $200,000. The additional Medicare tax starts with the pay period in which your wages exceed $200,000.

FICA Yearly Limits

Year Annual Social Security Wage Base Limit Social Security Tax Rate Maximum Annual Social Security Tax Withholding Annual Medicare Wage Base Medicare Tax Rate Additional Medicare Wage Base Additional Medicare Tax Rate
2015 $118,500 6.2% $7,347.00 No annual limit 1.45% $200,000 0.9%
2014 $117,000 6.2% $7,254.00 No annual limit 1.45% $200,000 0.9%
2013 $113,700 6.2% $7,049.40 No annual limit 1.45%