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Supervising at the U

Supervisors at the University of Minnesota play an important role in guiding, problem-solving, and communicating with employees. The resources found on this site are intended help supervisors as they lead employees through their employment life-cycle at the U.

New and Updated I-9 Section Launches

Check out our new and improved I-9 Eligibility Verification section to simplify the process of getting your new hires verified. All newly hired faculty, staff and student workers must complete the federal I-9 form and provide the needed documentation to demonstrate eligibility to work at the University on or before their first day of work for pay.

Supervisory Development

Supervisory Development Program offers flexible online leadership education for faculty and staff who supervise the work of others. The program has multiple options:

  • New Supervisor Orientation – designed to support new supervisors in understanding what it means to supervise at the University of Minnesota and to build skills to lead and manage their direct reports effectively.
  • Supervisory Foundations – covers top skills such as feedback and coaching, selection and hiring, managing and evaluating performance, managing conflict, leading teams, employee engagement, onboarding, and driving results through others. Supervisors can choose to: