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Supervising at the U

Supervisors at the University of Minnesota play an important role in guiding, problem-solving, and communicating with employees. The resources found on this site are intended help supervisors as they lead employees through their employment life-cycle at the U.

New and Updated I-9 Section Launches

Check out our new and improved I-9 Eligibility Verification section to simplify the process of getting your new hires verified. All newly hired faculty, staff and student workers must complete the federal I-9 form and provide the needed documentation to demonstrate eligibility to work at the University on or before their first day of work for pay.

Professional Development 

Supervisory Development Course is a flexible online leadership program exclusively for faculty and staff who oversee the work of others. Look for easy-to-use resources, including videos, webinar recordings, interactive self-assessments, and quick guides that help supervisors in providing feedback and coaching direct reports, managing and evaluating performance, managing conflict, leading teams, employee engagement, and onboarding new employees