Probationary Faculty Appointment Notice of Termination Letter Checklist

  1. Letter must be issued by the Senior Vice President and Provost, except when by the Duluth Chancellor for UMD Faculty and by the Senior Vice President for academic Health Center for AHC Faculty
  2. Reference that notice is in accordance with the Board of Regents policy: Faculty Tenure (pdf) policy.
  3. Inform probationary faculty member of termination of appointment at end of academic year indicating specific date. Note: to be given no later than May 15 of the preceding academic year.
  4. If termination is contrary to the initial recommendation of the academic unit, then substantive reasons must be included and the letter must be sent to the faculty member, the members of the academic unit which made the recommendation, and to the president.
  5. Inform of right to request hearing before Senate Judicial Committee and applicable time limit for making such a request.

NOTE: Must send written notice by registered or certified mail to the last known residence of the concerned faculty member and also by campus mail to the faculty member's campus address, if any.