Probationary Faculty (Covered under the UEA Agreement) Appointment Notice of Termination

A notice of termination letter for a probationary faculty (covered under the UEA agreement) must include each of the following provisions:

  1. Letter is issued by Chancellor of Duluth campus.
  2. Reference that notice is in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement (pdf) between the University and the University's Education Association (UEA), to the extent applicable, with the Board of Regents policy: Faculty Tenure (pdf).
  3. Inform probationary faculty member of termination in accordance with Section 201.310 of the UEA contract.
  4. Inform of right to file grievance through UEA alleging procedural irregularities pursuant to the UEA contract.

NOTE: Must send written notice by registered or certified mail to the last known residence address of the concerned faculty member and also by campus mail to the faculty member's campus address, if any.