Graduate Assistant Appointment Letter Checklist

An appointment letter for a Graduate Assistant position must include each of the following provisions:

  1. University job title and corresponding job code.
  2. Working job title, if different from the University job title.
  3. Student ID.
  4. Specific University of Minnesota college/campus/administrative unit and, if applicable, department/division for this position.
  5. Kind of appointment (e.g., regular annual, conditional annual, single-semester, or flexible hourly).
  6. Percent time of appointment (e.g., 25% - 10 hours/week, 50% - 20 hours/week).
  7. Length of appointment.
  8. Note that the Administrative Policy: Language Proficiency Requirements for Teaching Assistants will apply to nonnative English speakers who are offered a teaching assistantship.
  9. Actual beginning and, if known, end dates of the appointment.
  10. Hours of work.
  11. Reference to the Graduate Assistant Employment Policy.
  12. Salary.
  13. Reference to tuition benefits.
  14. Reference to students' responsibility to pay all student fees.
  15. Reference to Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Plan.
  16. General position responsibilities and performance expectations.
  17. If appropriate, whether the job offer is contingent on something.
  18. This offer is contingent upon the ability to provide authorization to work in the United States and the University of Minnesota prior to the start date identified in the offer letter.
  19. Right to review the employee's personnel file once every six months while employed with the University of Minnesota. To exercise this right, the employee must submit a written request to review their file to the unit HR contact. If, after reviewing the file, the employee disputes specific information, he/she should inform their unit HR contact. The University may agree to remove or revise the disputed information. After the employee has had an opportunity to review their file, he/she may make a written request for a copy of the record at no cost to the employee.
  20. Indicate that employee must continue to comply with any and all licensing, certification, work eligibility, and other requirements of the position, as set forth in the position description.
  21. Signature of authorized hiring authority.
  22. Signature of the employee accepting the term and conditions of the position as described in the letter.