ULearn Administration Frequently Asked Questions

What is ULearn?
ULearn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows for administration, tracking, and reporting of training content, both online and instructor-led. It replaced the previous PeopleSoft training module known as Enterprise Learning Management (ELM). ULearn is an enterprise-wide solution being leveraged for both employee development as well as non-credit courses.

Why did we move to ULearn?
The previous system that tracks employee training, a PeopleSoft module in HRMS, had limited functionality. In addition, Oracle retired that module in favor of a more robust LMS. There are many benefits to ULearn since it allows for certifications and annual renewal notices and tracking, and has improved reporting capabilities. In addition, we gained consistency and efficiencies in how training is recorded across the University.

How do employees access ULearn?
ULearn is accessible via a URL. Employees use their x.500 (Internet ID) and password to access ULearn.

What are the minimum desktop requirements for using ULearn?

  • Computer: 512MB RAM, 900 MHz Processor
  • Browser Versions Supported: Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9; Firefox 3, 4, 5; Safari 3, 4, 5; Google Chrome
  • Browser Settings and Security: Pop-up blockers disabled; Cookies and JavaScript enabled; 128 bit SSL encryption supported
  • Display Resolution and Color: 1024x768 or higher; 16 bit color quality (32 bit optimal)
  • Network and Connectivity: 128kbps (256kbps recommended)

Was historical training record data added to ULearn?
No. Historical training data was not migrated into ULearn. However, it is accessible via UM Reports and via the Data Warehouse.

How will employees get their full training history?
Any training completed prior to the implementation of ULearn will be accessible via UM Reports or the Data Warehouse. Data from these sources can be downloaded into Excel format. Training completed after ULearn implementation are recorded on a transcript housed in ULearn but will also be loaded into the Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse or UMReports Training History will be the source for an employee's complete history.

Can I enforce prerequisite training with ULearn?
Yes, prerequisites can be set up in ULearn and a learner can be directed to take the prerequisite before the next course is released to them.

Can I do certifications in the LMS?
Yes, certifications can be implemented in ULearn.

Will training be required to use ULearn for learners?
No, but job aids and short video demonstrations are available.

What courses will I find in ULearn?
Employees can access any courses they previously found at hrss.umn.edu as well as non-credit courses offered via CCE, Extension, CEHD, and Public Health.

Who can I contact with questions about ULearn?
Call 4-UOHR (612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363).