Faculty and P&A

Automated tracking of academic leave began March 1, 2009. Beginning March 25, vacation balances appear online on academic employee biweekly pay statements.

Questions and Answers

For specific information related to the policy and automated tracking of the vacation leave, refer to Leave Questions and Answers (pdf).

Eligibility for Vacation Leave

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible to accrue vacation leave proportionate to the percentage of your appointment:

  • You hold a faculty (94xx) or P&A (93xx, 96xx, 97xx; 9540 and 9546) appointment
  • You work at least 67-percent time.
  • You have a 12-month (A-term) appointment.


For full details about vacation leave, refer to the academic vacation policy and consult with your supervisor or your unit's HR team about how this policy applies to your situation.