Personal & Scheduled Floating Holiday

Personal Holiday

A personal holiday is given to academic, civil service, and non-faculty labor represented employees instead of a scheduled floating holiday. Below are the guidelines for using your personal holiday:

  1. Your personal holiday must be taken during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  2. Your personal holiday cannot be banked or used outside this period, or it is lost.
  3. Talk with your supervisor before you use your holiday and follow the same procedure as would for requesting vacation leave.
  4. Your personal holiday must be taken in whole day increments.
  5. If you leave the University (either voluntarily or involuntarily) before you use your personal holiday, you will not be paid for this time.



Civil Service and Labor Represented staff are eligible for a personal holiday.

Academic employees (faculty; P&A; professionals in training except 9541, 9548, 9549, 9554, 9555, 9556, and 9559; and graduate assistants) who follow the Twin Cities and Rochester academic calendar and are eligible to receive holiday pay are also eligible for a personal holiday.

Rules and contract language governing leave for personal holidays vary by employee group. Be sure to consult the appropriate governing document.

Scheduled Floating Holiday—Crookston, Duluth, and Morris Campuses

The Crookston, Duluth, and Morris campus administrators usually set a floating holiday each year instead of a personal holiday. The entire campus will be closed on the chosen date.

However, the 2017-2018 schedule does include one personal floating holiday.

For contract language regarding Leaves of Absence for Crookston and Duluth faculty, refer to: