How To Get A Fee Reimbursement


When you successfully complete a wellbeing program that has fees, you can get at least some of those fees paid back to you. Each program has its own rules for who can get a fee reimbursement, and how much you can get back.

As of January 1, 2018, reimbursements for completing a reimbursable wellbeing program are now processed through the University's payroll service and you no longer have to sign up with a third party vendor. If you complete the attendance requirements of your class or program, your fee reimbursement will be credited to you in your paycheck within 8 weeks. This affects reimbursements for:

  • Weight Watchers on Campus
  • Fit Choices gym reimbursement
  • Nice Ride MN employee discounts
  • AquaFit
  • Cross Training Express
  • Group Strength Express
  • Heart Rate Express
  • Kettlebell Express
  • Yoga 101
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Cooking for Wellness—The Basics
  • Cooking for Wellness—Getting Creative

Reimbursements for Spouses

If your spouse is covered under your UPlan policy and has participated in and completed a reimbursable program, her or his reimbursement will process through your payroll using the same timeline as described above.

2017 Reimbursements

If you completed a reimbursable program in 2017, you must create an account to receive your reimbursement. You will need your:

    • seven-digit U of M employee ID number
    • bank account's routing and account number

    Get Reimbursed

    1. Register for the wellbeing program you're interested in and pay the course fee upfront
    2. Complete the requirements for the course
    3. Register an account with 121 Benefits (instructions below) and make sure your bank account's routing and account number are on file
    4. Your course manager will tell the Wellbeing Program that you completed a program and will start the reimbursement process. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your reimbursement to process and be deposited into your account

    Register with 121 Benefits

    1. Go to
    2. Hover your cursor over the “Participants” tab at the top and click on "FSA-HRA-HSA Login"
    3. On the left side of the screen, enter your seven-digit U of M employee ID number as both your username and password under "Existing User?" If you are a spouse eligible for reimbursement, add "01" to the end of the U of M employee ID number
    4. You will be asked to change your password at this time

    Register Your Bank Information

    1. Log in to your 121 Benefits account
    2. Click the "Profile" tab at the top right of your account page
    3. Click "Banking" on the left side of the screen
    4. Click "Add Bank Account"
    5. Follow the instructions to add your banking information


    If you don't feel like you've received a fee reimbursement in an appropriate amount of time (remember it may take up to 8 weeks to process), please email or call 4-UOHR to talk to a Wellbeing Program administrator.