Fee Reimbursements

How do reimbursements work?

When a UPlan-covered employee or UPlan-covered spouse successfully complete a wellbeing program that has an upfront fee, they are eligible to receive 50% of the program fee back, up to $100.00. Each program has its own requirements to receive the points and reimbursement, and how much you can get back. All reimbursements for UPlan-covered employees and spouses are processed through the employee's paycheck and are counted as taxable income.

What classes are eligible for a fee reimbursement?

A UPlan-covered employee and their UPlan-covered spouse may be reimbursed each program year (October 1 - August 31) for: one University fitness class, one University mindfulness class, one University cooking class, and two Weight Watchers sessions.

Reimbursements are covered only for the following classes:

  • Cross Training Express
  • Group Strength Express
  • Heart Rate Express
  • Kettlebell Express
  • Mat Pilates
  • Yoga 101
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Cooking for Wellness—The Basics
  • Cooking for Wellness—Getting Creative
  • Weight Watchers on-site meetings (on campus or in your community)

How do you receive the reimbursement?

Reimbursements are automatically processed through the University's payroll service. The fee reimbursement for both employees and their UPlan-covered spouses will be credited to in the employee's paycheck within 6-8 weeks after receiving the wellbeing points for that completed program. Employees can find the code, "WEL" next to the amount on the bottom of their paycheck to know if a reimbursement has been processed. Reimbursements for pre-65 retireees will be processed through accounts payable and they will receive a 1099 form at the end of the calendar year for receiving those amounts.

Additional Taxable Programs

Fit Choices

Fit Choices is a program where up to two people per household are eligible to receive a gym reimbursement or a discount in the membership fees if they are:

To sign up for Fit Choices, please enroll through your gym's membership services. At the end of the calendar year, the total amount that participants receive in reimbursements or in a discount form will be added to the UPlan account holder's total income and placed on their W-2. This means the total amount received for both individuals on the UPlan will be added the employees total income. While it is added to the total income amount, the University will be taking care of the FICA tax for Fit Choices.


If it's been over eight weeks since you've received your wellbeing points and haven't seen a reimbursement on your paycheck, please email well@umn.edu or call 4-UOHR to talk to the Wellbeing Program administrator.