Foundations of Financial Wellness

100 wellbeing points

"Foundations of Financial Wellness" is a free personal financial management course consisting of five 60-minute classes provided by LSS Financial Counseling through a University partnership.   

Overall, this course is designed to help you build financial literacy and encourage behaviors that give you more control over your money. Each session deals with a different part of personal finance and is listed in order below: 

  1. Spend Less Than You Earn
  2. Reduce Your Debt
  3. Build Your Assets
  4. Increase Your Credit
  5. Protect What You Have Built


2020-2021 Course Dates and Times

Courses are open to UPlan covered employees and spouses and have an attendance cap of 300 people. To earn 100 wellbeing points you must attend four out of the five sessions and fill out the attendance survey at each session you attend. 

More Resources

If you were not able to get into a course, the University does have financial counseling available.