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Discover Wellbeing Campaign

Below are some resources the University offers to help you enhance your relationships at work and in your personal life.

Relationship Assessment

Take the Center for Spirituality & Healing’s relationships assessment, and then use the online tool to develop a plan to nurture your relationships.


Employee Engagement Resources

Listen to Professor Theresa Glomb’s TED Talk “Let’s Make Work Better,” and learn the three small, concrete, research-based things that you can do to make work better every day.

If you are a supervisor, listen to modules from our recently launched flexible online learning program, developed exclusively for faculty and staff who manage the work of others. The first module on feedback and coaching is now available, and another one on managing and evaluating performance will be available soon.  New modules will be added throughout 2017.


Employee Assistance Program

Contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAP provides confidential professional consultation and referral services to address any personal or work concern that may be affecting your wellbeing. Employees can receive up to eight sessions. All eight sessions are free.


Financial Counseling

Finances can be a major relationship stressor. U of M employees can receive up to six sessions of financial counseling sessions per year on financial issues affecting your wellbeing. Topics may include establishing a budget, consolidating your payments, improving your credit score, protecting your home, and managing your student loans. The service is private and confidential, and counseling services are free.

Other resources to consider include: