Exercise and Fitness

Bike Commuter Program

75-125 wellness points 

The Bike Commuter Program is a way for you to get rewarded for riding your bike. Whether you commute back and forth to work or you just want to take a short ride on your lunch break, you can earn wellness points for doing so. 

Walking Program - 10K-A-Day

50 wellness points 

The 10K-A-Day program is a great way to get on your feet more. When you sign up for the walking program, you'll receive a free pedometer to track your steps. 

Gym Reimbursement - Fit Choices

75-125 wellness points 

The Fit Choices program is a way for you to get rewarded for going to the gym. Not only will you earn wellness points, but when you go at least eight times a month, you’ll get up to a $20 monthly reimbursement on your gym fees. 

University Fitness Classes

50 wellness points 

The University offers you a way to take fitness classes on the Twin Cites, Duluth, and Morris campuses. When you complete the courses, you will can get the course fee reimbursed to you as well as earn wellness points in the process.

Health Coaching

200-250 wellness points 

If you need some help meeting some of your health goals, you can meet with a health coach face-to-face or talk to a health coach over the phone. The appointments are always free and you have the chance to earn a lot of wellness points when you talk to a coach at least three times.