Manage Health and Stress

Resources for Managing Your Health

Health Coaching

200-250 wellness points

As a UPlan member, you can get free face-to-face or over the phone coaching to meet your health goals. 

Medication Therapy Management

100 wellness points

UPlan members who take four or more medications can participate in Medication Therapy Management. For those with diabetes there is no medication minimum for participation.  In the program, a pharmacist meets with you face-to-face and gives you advice on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your medications. 

Specialty Therapy Management

100 wellness points

UPlan members who need specialty medication to manage more complicated medical conditions are eligible to enroll in the Specialty Medication Management program offered by Fairview Specialty Pharmacy. If you are eligible for this program, a pharmacy nurse will contact you over the phone.

Resources for Managing Stress

Stress Management Coaching

150 wellness points

To make managing stress easier, Boynton Health on the Twin Cities campus offers sessions for University employees to check in on major stress factors and work on how to better manage those stressors.

Stress Less (Morris)

150 wellness points

Stress Less is a group class offered at the Stevens Community Medical Center (SCMC) that will help you develop a personal plan to manage your stress through mindfulness and other techniques.

Telephone Health Coaching

200 wellness points

A health coach from StayWell can help you through many health challenges, including better managing your stress. To set up your first session, you can call 866-341-1170.

Financial Counseling

The University offers employees up to six free individual counseling sessions a year through Financial Choice, a service of LSS Financial Counseling. Counselors can help you develop a budget, improve your credit score, and pay off debt. The University also partners with LSS throughout the year to put on financial health seminars and classes. When those events occur, they are announced via email.

Mindfulness Classes

50 wellness points

The University offers the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course or the less intensive Mindfulness in Motion course through the Center for Spirituality and Healing. When you successfully complete a class, you can be reimbursed $200 towards the cost of the course and earn 50 wellness points. 

Self-Directed Coaching

50 wellness points

Self-Directed Coaching is a program available through StayWell Online that allows you to work through health courses at your own pace. After you take a short assessment, StayWell will recommend courses to help you move more, eat well, or stress less.

Yoga 101 Classes

50 wellness points

This introductory Yoga class is currently offered on the Twin Cities and Morris campuses. The classes have an upfront fee, but when you finish the class, you can get that fee reimbursed.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program is available to all benefits-eligible University employees. You can speak to a qualified counselor for free to talk about such concerns like family issues, trouble at work, mental health, and many other topics.