Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Weight Watchers on Campus

150 wellness points

Weight Watchers is a great way to get support in a group setting to lose and maintain your weight. If you attend 14 meetings over a four-month period by August 31, 2017, you'll get your dues reimbursed and earn 150 wellness points. You can be reimbursed three times within one calendar year for up to a lifetime total of six reimbursements.

Renew Weight Management

150 wellness points

Renew Weight Management (Morris Campus only) is a program offered though the Stevens Community Medical Center to help you maintain and lose weight. When you attend at least 10 out of 12 sessions by August 31, 2017, you will be reimbursed the program fee and earn 150 wellness points.

Health Coaching

200-250 wellness points 

If you need some help meeting some of your health goals, you can meet with a health coach face-to-face or talk to a health coach over the phone. The appointments are always free and you have the chance to earn between 200 and 250 wellness points when you talk to a coach at least three times.

Cooking for Wellness

50 wellness points

Both the Cooking for Wellness courses will help you develop healthy cooking and eating strategies to take home and use for weeks and years to come. The program uses hands-on demonstrations led by professional chefs to improve your culinary skills and teach you new techniques to adapt your cooking to a healthier lifestyle