What's New for 2016-2017

We're excited to add 10 new programs for 2016-2017. As you'll see, many of the new programs will help you focus on sometimes neglected areas of your own wellbeing like managing stress, gaining control of money, and the joy of giving back to your community. You can go to our homepage to see a chart of all the wellness programs you can participate in.

Advance Care Directive Pledge   

50 points

Advance Care Planning is the process of putting together a written plan for your loved ones and your health care providers that expresses your choices when it comes to medical, spiritual, and personal decisions. When you pledge you’ve made a health care directive and have shared that directive with your heath care agent and provider, you can register that pledge on StayWell Online and earn points.

Cooking for Wellness: Getting Creative 

50 points

Cooking for Wellness: Getting Creative is a four-week class offered on the St. Paul campus that will help you develop healthy cooking and eating strategies to use for years to come.

Digital Workshops                  

50 points

StayWell is adding five new Digital Workshops that you can complete on your StayWell Online profile. Digital Workshops are short online classes that will teach you about a health condition you’re facing now or could face in the future. To complete a digital workshop you take a short quiz, read an article, and watch a video on one health topic.

Eat Well on Campus                      

50 points

We want to make it easier for you to get rewarded for eating healthy on campus. When you participate in the Eat Well on Campus program, you’ll receive points based on what you buy at University Commercial Dining Service locations on the East Bank, West Bank, and St. Paul campuses.

Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy

150 points

Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy is free course for LSS Financial Counseling to help you build financial literacy and take control over your money. The courses will be offered on the Twin Cities, Duluth, and Morris campuses with the times and dates to be announced by email.

Health Trails      

50 wellness points

Health Trails will be a fun spring challenge offered on all campuses by StayWell early in 2017. The challenge will focus on improving your health while traveling on interactive trails from all over the world.

Self-Reported Volunteer Pledge      

50 points

Volunteering your time is not only good for your community, it will also improve your general wellbeing. When you pledge on StayWell Online that you have volunteered for a minimum of three hours (or more) for a nonprofit organization of your choosing, you’ll earn wellness points.

Stress Management Coaching        

150 points

To make managing stress easier, Boynton Health Service is offering short Stress Management Coaching sessions for Twin Cities employees to check in on major stress factors in their lives and find out how best to deal with those factors. These sessions will last about 20 minutes.

Stress Less (Morris Campus)             

150 points

Stress Less is a class offered at the Stevens Community Medical Center that will help you develop a personal plan to manage your stress through mindfulness and other techniques. A licensed behavioral psychologist teaches all the classes. Classes will be offered in both the winter and spring for 2016-2017.

Cross Training Express (Twin Cities campus)  

50 points

The Recreation and Wellness Center is adding the Cross Training Express class, their most advanced fitness class yet. Cross Training Express is designed to improve mobility, stability, endurance, and muscle strength. Participants should have good mobility and an intermediate exercise foundation before participating in this class.