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To achieve its mission and address the world's grand challenges, the University depends on thousands of talented and diverse faculty and staff. This site will help you learn more about all the University has to offer you, including benefits and resources to help you with your day-to-day work and grow your career.

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Thank you for your interest in the University. We offer one of the most vibrant, satisfying, and rewarding workplaces in Minnesota. And with nearly 26,000 employees at the University, 850 distinct job titles, and five Minnesota campuses, your opportunities are vast. Learn more in Find a Job.

HR News

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What Is Total Compensation?

Total compensation is both a new University department name and a human resource philosophy. The University’s Employee Benefits and Classification and Compensation departments recently merged under the new name Total Compensation. Most importantly, the new name reflects our commitment to provide you with a market-competitive total compensation package, including salary, benefits, opportunities for growth, and a great work environment. As before, if you have questions about your benefits, salary, or other human resource issue, please call 4-UOHR (612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363).

E2 Employee Engagement Survey Returns Next Fall

TXT-U is now SAFE-U

The University’s emergency notification system, TXT-U, is being replaced and rebranded as SAFE-U.

  • Alerts are now called ‘SAFE-U Alerts’ instead f ‘TXT-U.’
  • If you received TXT-U messages in the past, you have been automatically opted in to receive SAFE-U.
  • Text messages will come from ‘89361’ or ‘87844.’ We recommend that you save these numbers into your cell phone as a contact called “SAFE-U.” This way, when you receive an emergency text message from the U, “SAFE-U” will appear as the sender.

More information, including how to add phone numbers, is available on the SAFE-U website. For questions, contact dem@umn.edu.

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Healthy Cooking Class Offered to Employees

Are you looking to improve your cooking skills and make a renewed commitment to healthy eating? If so, consider enrolling in the Cooking for Wellness—The Basics class, offered exclusively for U of M employees and spouses. The four-week class, held after work once a week, includes instruction by a chef, hands-on cooking practice in the lab with classmates, and home assignments. Students gain improved cooking skills and take away numerous delicious healthy recipes for sauces, whole grains, soups, and proteins. The next class begins April 25. Participants who finish the class earn 50 wellness points and a reimbursement of $200 of the $210 class fee.

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Find Help to Manage Your Stress

Feeling tense or anxious lately? The University offers a lot of resources to make managing stress easier, including:

In whatever ways stress affects your life, we are here to help you find ways to manage it and improve your wellbeing.

Why I Work at the U

"I love the U and what it stands for. I say congratulations to every freshman I do a phone interview with. I think it's such an important message to acknowledge the work it takes to get into this institution of learning." 

Tracy Sherbert
Trainer, University of Minnesota Foundation Call Center

"I work in a field that's new, moving forward, and with lots of research to be done. It's never hard to get up in the morning."

Pamala Jacobson
Professor of Pharmacy

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on important projects with kind, passionate, and fun individuals."

Luna Allen-Bakerian
Student Employee, University of Minnesota Women's Center 

Diversity on Campus

The University is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming campus. Learn more about diversity at the U.

HR Policies

All policies can be found in the University Policy Library. Look for the Human Resource Policy page for policies related specifically to Human Resources. Forms from across the University are available on this site as well.

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