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To achieve its mission and address the world's grand challenges, the University depends on thousands of talented and diverse faculty and staff. This site will help you learn more about all the University has to offer you, including benefits and resources to help you with your day-to-day work and grow your career.

Prospective Employees

Thank you for your interest in the University. We offer one of the most vibrant, satisfying, and rewarding workplaces in Minnesota. And with nearly 26,000 employees at the University, 850 distinct job titles, and five Minnesota campuses, your opportunities are vast. Learn more in Find a Job.

HR News

Fresh berries at the market

The UMN Farmers Market Now Open 

The annual U of M Farmers Market is in full swing and will continue every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. until September 27 on Gateway Plaza outside of McNamara Alumni Center. Each week 12 farmers bring the season's freshest produce to the market, where employees can shop, listen to live music, and grab lunch from one of the many food trucks. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

A scale and some measuring tape

University Weight Watchers on Campus Program Recognized for Success

A study of the Wellness Program's Weight Watchers on Campus program found that employees who participated saw not only an improved quality of life but also lower health care costs. The principal author of the study, former U researcher Tzeyu Michaud, PhD, analyzed 1,500 people in Weight Watchers over three years and found that employees in the weight management program saved an average of $876 a year on medical costs. The study not only showed that our campus Weight Watchers program is effective, it has far-reaching significance for workplace weight management programs in general.

Two people talking

Flexible Online Learning for Supervisors

Supervisors want to bring out the best in their team, but it's tough to find the time for professional development. "Supervisory Development" is a new webinar and online program series from Leadership and Talent Development for University faculty and staff who oversee the work of others. Videos, handouts, and other research-based resources are available to use anytime. Learn more about "Feedback and Coaching" and "Managing and Evaluating Performance" in a few hours, and look for the "Managing Conflict" webinar on May 23. New webinars and online resources will launch through the fall.

Woman in a meditative pose

Find Help to Manage Your Stress

Feeling tense or anxious lately? The University offers a lot of resources to make managing stress easier, including:

In whatever ways stress affects your life, we are here to help you find ways to manage it and improve your wellbeing.

Scissors cutting up a credit card

U Employees Find Success in Conquering Debt

$853,456.70! That's the amount of credit card debt paid off by University employees who worked with LSS Financial Counseling since the program was introduced in January 2014. Through 2016, LSS certified financial counselors provided 862 individual, confidential counseling sessions and conducted 51 education workshops reaching 1,361 employees. University employees and their immediate family members can schedule up to six counseling sessions a year for free. Counseling services include budgeting and debt reduction, repaying student loans, home mortgages and financing, and reviewing credit reports. Call 800-528-2926 to make an appointment, or visit the LSS Financial Counseling website to learn more.

Runner on the elevated track inside Rec Well.

Wellness—It Works!

For U of M employees participating in the Wellness Program—or for those considering it—here are a few recent statistics you might be interested to know: 

  • 65% of eligible U of M employees take part in the Wellness Program.
  • 41% of participants increased their activities while taking part in the program.
  • 92% of participants were happy with their personal coaching experience.

The University is committed to supporting your health. The Wellness Program is a great way to help you achieve your wellness goals and save money on your UPlan premiums.

Why I Work at the U

"I love the U and what it stands for. I say congratulations to every freshman I do a phone interview with. I think it's such an important message to acknowledge the work it takes to get into this institution of learning." 

Tracy Sherbert
Trainer, University of Minnesota Foundation Call Center

"I work in a field that's new, moving forward, and with lots of research to be done. It's never hard to get up in the morning."

Pamala Jacobson
Professor of Pharmacy

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on important projects with kind, passionate, and fun individuals."

Luna Allen-Bakerian
Student Employee, University of Minnesota Women's Center 

Diversity on Campus

The University is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming campus. Learn more about diversity at the U. See the University's equal opportunity statement from President Eric Kaler.

HR Policies

All policies can be found in the University Policy Library. Look for the Human Resource Policy page for policies related specifically to Human Resources. Forms from across the University are available on this site as well.

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