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Retirement Transition Resources


Retirement Plan Transition Overview with Brian Burnett

Retirement Transition Information Session on January 23, 2020

Recorded Transition Webinar from Fidelity


Administrative Fee: Plan administrative fees may include legal, accounting, trustee, and other administrative fees, and expenses associated with maintaining the retirement plans.

BrokerageLink or Brokerage Window: The plans will also offer an open self-directed brokerage account where you can invest in any mutual fund on the open market that is administered on Fidelity’s platform. The window is called Fidelity BrokerageLink®.

Core Fund Lineup: The University of Minnesota has established a core fund lineup of investments that represents the major asset classes. You can choose your own mix of investments from this low-cost lineup of funds selected by the University to provide a broadly diversified set of core options across short-term investments, bonds, and stocks. This also includes two options that focus on investing in alignment with environmental, social and governance ("ESG") related principles. The Minnesota Life General Account and Minnesota Life General Account Limited from Securian will be available as part of the core funds. Use this list of funds to customize your own asset mix to something that makes sense for your own risk tolerance and your time left until retirement.

Mapping: Mapping refers to the process where fund assets are sold and the proceeds are transferred to Fidelity, where they are then reinvested at the direction of the plan sponsor (in this case, the University of Minnesota). Mapping serves as an alternative to collecting new investment instructions from plan participants as to how they would like to direct their investments when a change like this occurs. If you would prefer to choose your own investments, please make sure to make your choices during the Early Choice Window in February.

Recordkeeping Fee: Includes Fidelity recordkeeping, trustee, legal, accounting, and other Fidelity administrative fees and expenses. Fees are subject to change. 

Target Date Fund: A fund designed to provide varying degrees of long-term appreciation and capital preservation based on an investor’s age or target retirement date through a mix of asset classes. The mix changes over time to become less focused on growth and more focused on income. This type of fund is also known as a “lifecycle fund.”