Retirement Transition Changes for Deutsche Participants

Information on this page is for participants with a balance at Deutsche in the Optional Retirement Plan (the only plan that offers Deutsche plans). For all other changes during and after the transition, please see the Optional Retirement Plan page.

Your Current Balance

All assets in Deutsche accounts in the Optional Retirement Plan will transfer to Fidelity during the plan transition.


If you have a beneficiary on file at Deutsche, that information will not transfer to Fidelity during the transition. You can always choose a beneficiary after the transition with Fidelity, but you can also do so during the Early Choice Window between February 3 and March 17, 2020. Read the beneficiary fact sheet (pdf) for more information. 


Your last statement from Deustche will be your statement ending June 30, 2020. All statements after that date will come from Fidelity.

Find Help

Call Fidelity at 800-343-0860 for help or investment advice. To make an appointment with a Fidelity representative, call the Fidelity reservation line at 800-642-7131, go online to

You can contact Total Compensation by calling 4-UOHR (612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363) and select option 1 or you can send an email to

For questions about your current account, contact Deutsche.