Finance Careers at the U—Employees

In response to feedback from the University's finance community, the Office of Human Resources has introduced a new, streamlined approach to hiring finance professionals.

Finance Professional 1 and 2 positions from across the University are now combined into a single job posting, allowing candidates to apply just once for all open positions. This new process will create a better candidate experience and it has several advantages for hiring managers:

  • Jesse Vega, a central recruiter for finance positions, will handle posting, advertising, recruiting, and collecting applications for finance professional openings, avoiding duplicated effort.
  • Hiring managers can take advantage of a shared pool of pre-qualified applicants.
  • Units will have a list of candidates within two days of their request.
  • This "continuous recruiting" process will help retain top finance candidates who might have been turned away once a particular job was filled.
  • Internal candidates can be considered for opportunities in their areas of interest with only one application.

To See Current Openings

Visit our Finance Professional 1 and 2 job posting.

To Apply for Jobs

Employees can apply through the job posting (see above) or, to make a confidential application, contact Jesse Vega at or 612-624-7844.

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