Screen and Select

Phase 1: Post and Recruit | Phase 2: Screen and Select | Phase 3: Offer and Accept

Phase 2 of the Hiring Service Agreement (pdf) is Screen and Select.

Owner Activity Activity Description and Resources
Hiring Unit or Job Center Screen applicants for minimum requirements Eliminate candidates who don't meet minimum qualifications. Update applicants' status in system. Suggested timeline: 14 days

1. Screening for minimum qualifications (pdf)

Hiring Unit Evaluate applicant pool Review qualified applicants and determine if pool is sufficient. Consider diversity goals and availability. If applicant pool is insufficient, reevaluate and consider augmenting recruitment plan. Suggested timeline: 1 day

1. Evaluation of applicant pool process map (pdf)
2. Affirmative action in the hiring process FAQ (pdf)
3. Unit EOAA liaisons

Hiring Unit Select applicants for interview  Evaluate applications, curricula vitae, resumes, cover letters, and other materials of qualified applicants. Conduct initial phone screen. Evaluate skills and make sure compensation expectations are aligned. Use applicant comparison tool to rank top applicants. Update applicants' statuses in the system. Suggested timeline: 10 days

1. Applicant comparison tool (pdf)

Hiring Unit  Conduct interviews Assemble interview team. Develop interview questions. Invite applicants, arrange for travel and accommodations as needed. Conduct interviews. Interviewers should use applicant evaluation form to rate applicants based on objective criteria relevant to the job. Discuss interview results with search members. Suggested timeline: 5 days

1. Accommodations
2. Interview applicants tip sheets (pdf)
3. Sample job descriptions and interview questions that reflect diversity
4. Behavior based interviewing
5. Applicant comparison tool (pdf)
6. Applicant evaluation form (pdf)

Hiring Unit Select finalists  Check references. Get necessary unit approvals. For senior leader positions, offers that include tenure or continuous appointment, and/or no-search direct hires, additional approvals are necessary. When a foreign national is seriously considered for employment, engage International Student & Scholar Services and the Office of General Counsel prior to making offer. Suggested timeline: 1 day

1. Applicant comparison tool (pdf)
2. Applicant evaluation form (pdf)

Phase 1: Post and Recruit | Phase 2: Screen and Select | Phase 3: Offer and Accept

Questions About Hiring?

If you have questions about the hiring process, please contact your college or unit HR professional.

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