Convenience Care/Walk-in Clinics

When you want fast and affordable medical care, you can access convenience care clinics for certain common ailments that have specific treatments. Convenience care clinics are in-network providers for Medica Elect/Essential, Medica Choice Regional, Medica HSA, and Medica Choice National. However, for Medica ACO Plan, the clinics are not in-network providers with the exception that members of Fairview & North Memorial Vantage Plan with Medica can use Gopher Quick Clinic.

  • Gopher Quick Clinic - Twin Cities campus 
  • WellCare - Duluth campus
  • MinuteClinic locations in the Twin Cities and other convenience care clinics

No Appointment or Referral Required

The walk-in clinics do not require appointments or referrals, and the visits generally take about 15 minutes. Show the clinician your UPlan card to verify that you are an active participant in one of the UPlan medical options.

Copayment for Treatments and Screenings

You will have a $15 to $20 copayment per visit for treatments and screenings. There is no copayment for immunizations. The cost of the visit is applied to the deductible for Medica HSA.

The clinics are staffed by board-certified physician assistants or nurse practitioners who are trained to diagnose, treat, and provide prescriptions when needed. If necessary, they will refer you to your regular health care provider.

Clinic Locations

Gopher Quick Clinic on Twin Cities Campus

The Gopher Quick Clinic offers health care services to faculty, staff, and their dependents who are enrolled in a UPlan medical plan. The exception is the Medica ACO Plan, unless you are a member of the Fairview & North Memorial Vantage with Medica ACO.

Gopher Quick Clinic is located in Boynton Health on the East Bank and in 109 Coffey Hall on the St. Paul campus.

WellCare on Duluth Campus

WellCare offers health care services for UMD faculty, staff, their spouses, and their dependent children over 12 years of age who are enrolled in a UPlan medical plan.

The WellCare clinic is staffed by a registered nurse and is located in Room 247C Kirby Plaza on the Duluth campus.